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Pronunciation and storytelling: from phonemes to fluency with Adrian Underhill

A course for teachers with an interest in the practical aspects of pronunciation, and in an approach which corresponds more precisely with how we learn.

Course type
Teacher development
Age of student
Language level
Upper Intermediate (B2) - Proficient (C2)
Course dates
28 June-11 July 2020
Course Length
2 weeks
£1,825 / EUR 2,300
Bell Teacher Academy

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for teachers, academic managers, Directors of Studies, teacher trainers and materials writers.
  • Participants who want to refresh and improve their teaching of pronunciation.
  • Participants who want to explore and develop the use of storytelling as a learning tool.

Course outcomes

You will:

  • Develop your own pronunciation at the level of sounds, words and connected speech
  • Develop your insight into how pronunciation and fluent speaking works and can be developed, using storytelling skills for fluency
  • Through work on connected speech you will develop your personal presentation skills such as creating attention, engagement and drama, holding an audience, use of intonation, voice tone, pausing, body language and personal presence.
  • Experience and practice a complete repertoire of pronunciation teaching and learning techniques that have the potential to liberate learners from the grip of mother tongue pronunciation.
  • Push back the boundaries of today’s conventional teaching and learning of sounds, words and connected speech.
  • Develop confidence in your pronunciation, connected speaking and ability to engage listeners through your presentation and storytelling ability
  • You will have practised and developed the teaching skills to help bring about the same learning and enthusiasm in your students.

Course description


43 hours per two week course

All Bell Teacher Academy courses are delivered by highly experienced teacher trainers. The team includes a whole host of leading ELT experts and published educational authors.

This practical and inspiring course gives participants the knowledge and skills they need to effectively teach English pronunciation across a range of contexts. Building on this foundation, the second part of the course focuses on extensive practice of pronunciation and the development of presentation skills through exploring the art of storytelling. Participants will develop the clarity, engagement and beauty of their spoken English and experience a range of teaching techniques they can apply to their own students.

The Pronunciation and Storytelling course is delivered by Adrian Underhill. Adrian is an international consultant, speaker, trainer and author, known for his expertise in teaching pronunciation. He is the author of Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation and Sounds: The Pronunciation app. He is past president of IATEFL and series editor for Macmillan Education.


The first part of the course consists of a thorough grounding in English pronunciation at the level of sounds, words and connected speech. This will include a complete workout using the Sound Foundations phonemic chart, and daily teaching practice to gain confidence, receive feedback, and to personalise a range of teaching techniques.


The second part of the course builds on this foundation and focuses on extensive fluency and presentation skills through the art of storytelling. This provides a living context to rehearse and speak with personal meaning, allowing pronunciation and prosody to enhance your presence and performance, and the beauty of your spoken English. Stories exist in many ways in the language class. Even telling learners about the past simple can have the qualities of an engaging story! No previous skill or experience necessary. The overall impact will be to bring all classroom language to life!


In addition to the core development course, teachers choose two additional workshops a week, such as ‘Using film in the classroom’, ‘Motivating students’ and ‘Different ways to use songs in the classroom’.

Guest lectures and plenary sessions

Weekly guest lectures and plenary sessions by well-known ELT experts. 

Experience British life

Bell Teacher Academy is set in Stephen Perse in the traditional and beautiful city of Cambridge. You can explore the city with other teachers, visit the many museums and go to one of the many outdoor cultural events over the summer such as ‘Shakespeare in the park’. There are a host of activities held on campus too and trips to nearby cities including London.

Bell Teacher Academy partners with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

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