Bell launches online teacher training courses

1 December 20205 mins read

Bell announces new programme of online courses to start from January 2021, expertly designed to support teacher training and development in the ‘new normal’.

With recent times presenting its own set of challenges in education, it is critical that teachers have opportunities to learn evidence-informed tools, techniques and strategies to develop their teaching practice – maximising the impact they have on their students.

The launch introduces sixteen brand-new modular courses – covering the latest trends and developments in language and teacher education – across four key specialisms.

These specialisms are:

  • Teaching English online and using educational technology
  • Teaching English to secondary learners
  • Teaching in English with confidence (Language development for teachers)
  • Teaching through the lens of mediation

Silvana Richardson, Head of Education and Head of Teacher Development at Bell, shared in her online interview:

At the best of times, learning is important. It is an opportunity to learn from (and with) colleagues as part of a global community of teachers. But at this particular point, learning is so necessary. Because now, it is not just a matter of learning, it is a matter of learning together.

Each course is structured to offer flexibility to teachers and draws on the best available evidence on how teachers learn for transferability and impact. Watch Silvana’s interview online and hear more about how the online courses are structured to maximise the impact of teaching in the classroom.

Find out more about the online teacher training and development courses or contact us for more information.

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