Expertly designed courses for your group

We create and deliver learning experiences to fit your learning needs, objectives and long-term goals.

We are group specialists

We pride ourselves on being group specialists with extensive experience in catering to diverse learning needs. Each year, we welcome many groups, across all seasons, providing them with an unparalleled service tailored to match their learner needs and objectives – providing expert dedicated support from inception to delivery.

We cater to various types of groups, including Adult groups at Bell Cambridge and Bell London year-round, as well as Teacher Training groups at Bell Cambridge. For our Young Learners, we have year-round programmes at Bell St Albans and Summer programmes at Bell Tudor Hall,Bell Badminton School and Bell The Leys.

Using The Bell Way – across the full range of our courses – we will ensure each learner benefits from clear objectives, responsive teaching, and plenty of opportunities to practise their learning in real-life scenarios.

Young Learner Groups

We create and deliver robust learning experiences for learners aged 7-17, at any time of year, across all language levels and learning goals.

All our courses are available to your group. With your preferences and goals in mind, we will adapt these courses and work with you to finalise the academic programme, activities and study tour or excursions around your needs and budget.


Adult Groups

We deliver adult courses for ages 16+, across all language levels and learning goals.

Use our expertise and experience to develop the general, academic or industry-focused language skills in your group or team. Every aspect of the course can be adapted to suit your needs – from lesson plans, timetabling or creating your own ‘Learning in Action’ social programme.



Teacher Training Groups

Create the perfect teacher training experience to develop your teachers. Whatever your interests, our internationally-renowned experts and teacher trainers will elevate your teacher’s skills and practice – at your school, college or other educational institution.



Bespoke Chinese teacher training group

Meet Moon, Yixi, Zhu Mengjia, and Joanna – four teachers from China, discussing their experience studying on a bespoke teacher training course at Bell Cambridge.

How to get started

Contact our team today and let the exciting plans begin!

We can arrange an initial phone consultation with you ,or email us about what you are looking for and we will provide you with a detailed proposal.

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