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Teacher training and development at Bell

‘Excellence in teaching is one of the most crucial factors that influences how well learners learn and achieve. Outstanding schools understand the importance of investing in the career-long professional development of their teachers, and excellent teachers never cease to learn. This is why at Bell we are passionate about teaching teachers, teacher educators and school leaders. Our Training and Professional Development courses touch both our participants’ and their own learners’ lives in significant ways. Our courses are active, interactive, innovative, practical, motivating and enjoyable, but more importantly, promote deep, long-lasting and impactful professional learning. Our team of expert teacher educators, which includes world-class published authors and renown specialists with vast international experience in the state and private sectors, is second to none. In all our courses, participants join an international community of colleagues from all over the world to learn from and with each other, support one another along the way, and explore together new insights from the best available research evidence and the latest, most effective approaches to teaching English and through the medium of English. They make friends and contacts that last a lifetime and have unforgettable professional and personal experiences.’

Silvana Richardson, Head of Education

Interview with Chinese teacher group

Meet Moon, Yixi, Zhu Mengjia, and Joanna – four teachers from China, discussing their experience studying on a bespoke teacher training course at Bell Cambridge.

The key to a global career


English is still a universal language that crosses cultures, countries and even industries. As a teacher, you are unlocking doors for your students and giving them a powerful voice. Whether you want to become a teacher, or further develop as an advanced practitioner, we will work with you to develop essential (and innovative) teaching practice that will prove invaluable for your career.

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There is no better place to train for your teaching qualification than one of the top English language schools in the UK, online or face-to-face.

At Bell, you will develop your skills, knowledge and teaching practice to get the best teaching jobs anywhere in the world.

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Become an advanced practitioner

Stand out from the crowd with a well-respected, advanced-level teaching qualification.

Use our expertise and years of experience as DELTA tutors and assessors, to support your development – through distance learning (online) or face-to-face.

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Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.


Investing in your own development is critical to ensuring you maximise the impact you have in your classroom and on your students. Whatever your language level, interests or stage in career, our expertly-designed courses will spark new thinking, develop your professional understanding, and encourage powerful exchange with a global community of teachers and experts.

Develop your teaching practice

Join a global community of teachers at Bell Teacher Academy, delivered at the heart of the famous academic city of Cambridge. We offer a range of one and two-week development courses for any level, any interest, and at any time in their career.

Our expertly-designed share innovative, evidence-based best practice to support you whatever your language level, stage of development and learning goal.

Bell Teacher Academy

Every summer, teachers from all over the world come to Cambridge to study with Bell, where we offer a range of one and two-week Teacher development courses for any level, any interest, and at any time in their career. Delivered at Bell Cambridge, you will enjoy a picturesque study environment in the beautifully historic city of Cambridge

Our Bell Cambridge school offers a beautiful campus environment, within easy reach of the city centre, surrounded by large gardens and impressive study, social and leisure facilities.

Bell Teacher Academy

Teacher training & development courses

Choose from a wide variety of courses to help advance your teaching career.

  • British Life and Culture

    2 weeks

    14 July - 27 July 2024

    28 July - 10 August 2024

  • CELTA: full-time

    4 WEEKS

    5 August - 30 August 2024

    7 October - 1 November 2024

    4 November - 29 November 2024

    13 January - 7 February 2025

  • CELTA: part-time

    14 WEEKS

    6 January - 11 April 2024

  • Contemporary English

    2 weeks

    14 July - 27 July 2024

    28 July - 10 August 2024

  • Creativity in the classroom

    2 weeks

    14 July - 27 July 2024

    28 July - 10 August 2024

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