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Our Teaching and Learning Manager, Heather, explains about our pathway programmes and why they’re so beneficial to students looking to go on to university in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Be your best at university

Your commitment to succeed and our excellent track record of Bell students progressing to top universities in the country, will make great partners.

We will work together to create a solid foundation – of subject knowledge, language confidence and academic skills – designed to maximise your potential for success at university.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is a very popular student city, and hosts some of the UK’s most prestigious academic institutions. Studying at Bell Cambridge, the home of our Pathway courses, is the ideal way to prepare for university and provides many opportunities to fully immerse yourself in the life of a UK student.

Our Bell Cambridge school offers a beautiful campus environment, within easy reach of the city centre, surrounded by large gardens and impressive study, social and leisure facilities.

Studying at Bell Cambridge

University foundation programmes

Start face-to-face lessons in June, September or January, and from day one, we will focus on advancing your skills in preparation for your chosen undergraduate degree. Select a programme that best fits your long-term career ambitions, from your choice of Business, Humanities, Law or Science & Engineering Foundation programmes.

Let us support you to successfully get into the right university for you and maximise your success with your studies. Get a guaranteed place at a UK university when you successfully complete your University Foundation course.


A guaranteed place at a UK university

We guarantee you will be offered a place at university in the UK, after you have completed our University Foundation Programme.* In the unlikely event you are not offered a place straight away, we will give you free tuition and university advice until your place is secured.

*Minimum pass grade of 40%, a score of 5.5 or above in each component of the IELTS test and an attendance record of at least 90%.

A record of success

Each university has strengths in specific subject areas, from classic subjects such as mechanical engineering and business to more specialist degrees like law, criminology or journalism.

Over the last 5 years, our students have received offers from top universities for their chosen subject, across the UK. In 2022:

  • 46% of offers on Business Management degrees were from Top 30 Universities
  • 75% of offers on Aerospace Engineering degrees came from Top 30 Universities
  • 100% of offers on Biomedical Science degrees came from Top 30 Universities
  • 100% of offers on Ancient History degrees came from Top 30 Universities

Individual advice and support

Each week you will meet with your academic tutor to discuss and plan your progress. You will also benefit useful advice, guidance and individual support from our impartial Higher Education Advisory Service. Our dedicated University Counselling Manager will meet with your regularly to discuss your options and university application.

We will work together on the full application process – like helping you to write a personal statement and prepare for university interviews – and also support you to prepare for university life.

Our Higher Education Advisory Service is passionate about providing you with impartial advice and support so you can evaluate all your options and confidently make decisions based on what is important to you.

We will create opportunities to connect you with relevant universities, give you insights into university life in the UK, and support you to develop useful tools and techniques to help boost your chances of success.

Support with university applications

  • Choosing the right university for you based on your subject interests, strengths and career ambitions
  • Your application form, including the UCAS application process tariff points, and understanding how it will be reviewed
  • Your personal statement so you can effectively describe your ambitions, skills and experience and set yourself apart from other applicants
  • Preparing for interviews with university tutors or admissions team

Specialist advice for Oxford and Cambridge

If you aspire to go to the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge (or to study medicine), you will know that applications are very competitive and need to be submitted early in the autumn term. These programmes have distinct application processes, so we will work with you straight away to make sure you have everything you need.

In addition, we will guide you through the interview process and stage mock interviews, so you feel prepared and confident.

Visiting speaker programme

You will have regular talks led by visiting university lecturers and speakers and the opportunity to meet representatives from top UK universities. Visiting speakers are experts in their field and give lectures and workshops on a range of topics related to the subjects offered on the course.

Recent visiting speakers have been Professor Princewill Omorogiuwa of HULT International Business School delivering a masterclass on Branding; Professor Richard Toye from the Department of History at University of Exeter; and Rupert Brown, an Academic Skills Lector at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge.


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Our university partners

Bell has partnered with over 30 universities across the UK, to give our students a wide range of options for their undergraduate studies.

University pathways

Our pathway courses are designed to set you on the road to success, preparing you to study at a university anywhere in the world.

  • Business University Foundation

    3 Terms

    23 September - 4 July 2025

  • Business University Foundation (Fast track)

    2 Terms

    8 January - 28 March 2024

    15 April - 5 July 2024

  • Humanities University Foundation

    3 Terms

    23 September - 4 July 2025

  • Master’s preparation programme

    1 - 3 Terms

    8 January - 28 March 2024

    15 April - 5 July 2024

  • Science & Engineering University Foundation

    3 Terms

    23 September - 4 July 2025

  • University counselling & career advice

    50 minute sessions

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