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Use our experience and expertise to get a tailored study plan and help you achieve your vision for the future.


Unlock your future with English

Stand out in the job market crowd. Succeed in your academic studies at university. Travel to (or even live in) more places around the world.

Whatever your ambitions, our build-your-own courses will help you to achieve your personal goals, exceed your expectations and succeed in taking those exciting next steps in life.

Develop your general English

We will work with you to create a personal plan to help you strengthen your English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Let us help you become confident in using English in a range of different situations – at school, university, work or when travelling and socialising.

General English course



Get this qualification for entry to higher education institutions (often required in UK), visa and immigration, work or personal development. We will work with you to create a personal plan to help you strengthen your English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Let us help you become confident in using English in a range of different situations – at school, university, work or when travelling and socialising.

IELTS exam preparation

Cambridge exam


Get this qualification for work, entry to higher education institutions or personal development. At Bell, our exam preparation courses focus on developing you, as an individual, so you have the skills and confidence to achieve your desired score or grade.

Let us help you become confident in using English in a range of different situations – at school, university, work or when travelling and socialising.

Available at Bell Cambridge only.

B2 First Exam Preparation C1 Advanced Exam Preparation

B2 First/C1 Advanced Exam Preparation Fast track

An integrated approach to language learning

On all our courses, we design individual study plans – using the six principles of The Bell Way – to help you maximise your time at Bell and achieve your learning goals.

Be challenged and supported

Our unique learning approach – The Bell Way – is core to everything we do at Bell. It was developed by our academic team alongside an Emeritus Professor from the University of Cambridge. It is based on six core principles that shape all our programmes.

The combination of your hard work, regular practice and commitment to lessons – and our 65 years of teaching expertise – is guaranteed to see you aim high, exceed your expectations and become a confident user of the English language.

Learning the Bell way

Our six core learning principles

We will give you regular feedback


You will have regular 1-to-1 tutorials highlighting your successes and areas for further development, so you are clear and confident in the next steps of your learning journey. You will also learn how to self-assess your work to guide your independent learning.

We will show you a clear path to your goals


In every lesson and activity, you will know exactly what your aims are, how to achieve them and what to do next. You can track your progress through weekly class plans, your personal learning journal, and of course – Bell Online.

We never stop learning


We have a culture of continuous improvement through learning and education. We never stop learning or striving to be the best we can be, which is why we set ourselves high expectations and challenging goals, just like the goals we set you.

We want you to be the best you can be


To be really effective, lessons at Bell are challenging, interactive and enjoyable! Our teachers will use a range of teaching techniques to ensure you can participate fully in the classroom and have continued opportunities to learn, improve and practise, practise, practise.

We will help you to learn everywhere


You will be immersed in the English language to embed your learning and achieve your goals faster. Practise your skills on our free Language in Action programme and enhance your progress further through regular homework and self-study activities.

We will adapt your learning to suit you


The way you learn is unique to you. We will work with you to create a personal study plan, designed around your specific goals and timeline. Your teachers and academic team will continually monitor and work to maximise your progress.


Bell online

Once you start your course with Bell, we give you exclusive log in access to your very own digital learning environment. An online assessment will tailor the content to your level of English.

  • A bank of learning resources to support self-study and language practise
  • Your weekly plans written by your teacher to ensure you have a clear learning pathway
  • Shared materials from teachers, specifically selected for you or your class
  • Weekly tutorial notes that record your self-reflections and your teacher’s recommendations
  • Interactive activities to match the same topics you are studying in class each week
  • Uploaded work or audio recordings for teacher feedback or group discussion
  • Your up-to-date progression graph to see your assessed levels throughout the course
  • Upcoming Learning in Action events, local information and general advice when exploring the UK

Language in action programme

We believe that integrating different activities and cultural experiences into your learning programme has multiple benefits to you as a learner, and as an individual. That is why we organise a selection of workshops, local excursions and full-day trips for you at no additional cost. Our adult courses have a dedicated Language in Action programme where students choose their activities, offering you the opportunity to develop your skills, experience something new and see a full range of interesting places and communities.

Bell Cambridge:

  • Workshops, clubs and team sports (Mon-Thurs)
  • Regular social evenings
  • Weekly local excursion
  • Full-day trip every two weeks

Bell Cambridge LiA Programme June 2024

Bell Cambridge LiA Programme July 2024


Bell London:

  • Regular social evenings
  • Weekly local excursion
  • Full-day trip every two weeks

Bell London LiA Programme June 2024

Bell London LiA Programme July 2024

Student welfare and support

Our international student community thrives when students feel safe and supported throughout their experience at Bell. We provide an outstanding level of care to students. Your well-being will always be our top priority.


A supportive learning environment

Our approach is simple. We create a strong support system around students, so that they have the space, strength and confidence to create real impact through their studies.

Our Bell community – of fellow students, staff and teachers – are here to support your wellbeing throughout your time at Bell (and beyond).

Please note that the minimum age of our adult schools is 16. However, Bell occasionally accepts 15 year olds on the basis that they are in the same school year as their 16 year old classmates. Any 15 year olds will not be taught in classes that contain students 18+.

Support for under 18s

To ensure extra care, under 18s stay in a dedicated residence or a trusted homestay host – with an 11pm curfew.

They will also have weekly meetings with our Student Services team to discuss their general experience.

Medical care and emergencies

We have staff trained in first aid and our student services team will help you register with a local doctor.

You will also have a 24-hour phone number to contact in emergencies (printed on your Bell student card).

Accommodation advice

We do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable and happy while you are studying with Bell.

Our accommodation team are available if you have any requests or queries during your stay.

Student services

Our student services team offer a high standard of care for all our students – including confidential advice and counselling at any time. We provide extra support to our under-18 students, including weekly meetings with our team to discuss your experience. Other services include:

  • Booking or paying for tuition, exams, or accommodation
  • Sickness and absence
  • Setting up a bank account, registering at a doctor or dentist, opening up a bank account, or money transfers
  • City orientation and local information
  • Public transport information, airport transfers or booking city taxis

Higher Education Advisory Service

If you are considering applying to a UK university, or going on to study on our University Foundation programme, we encourage you to speak to our dedicated University Counselling Manager who can help you find the course and university that is right for you.

We can also guide you through you university application, help you write a successful personal statement, and provide support connecting with UK universities.

Adult english courses

Our courses support people at any age, language level and goal. With courses available throughout the year, we are confident we can support you to achieve success.

  • Cambridge Exam Preparation (B2 First)

    10 weeks

    7 October - 13 December 2024

  • Cambridge Exam Preparation (C1 Advanced)

    10 weeks

    7 October - 13 December 2024

  • General English


    Start any Monday

  • IELTS exam preparation


    Start any Monday

  • 1-to-1 tuition


    Start any Monday