Don’t just take our word for it!
Here’s what our students have to say . . .

Name: Deniz
Nationality: Turkish
Bell School: Bell Cambridge

Deniz talks us through his experience at Bell, his teachers, and the value of learning English.

Name: Laura
Nationality: Belgian
Bell School: Bell London

Laura describes studying at Bell London, and why she thinks of it as a family school.

Name: Raffaella
Nationality: Italian
Bell School: Bell Cambridge

In her final week at Bell Cambridge, Raffaella reflects on her time at the school and how far she’s come.

Name: Alberto
Nationality: Italian
Bell School: Bell Cambridge

Alberto, from Italy, tells us the benefits of studying English in London with Bell.

Name: Rafael
Nationality: Sudanese
Bell School: Bell Cambridge

We sat down with student ambassador Rafael to learn about his experience of student life, coming to the UK, and developing his English language skills at Bell Cambridge.

Name: Zaid
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Bell School: Bell Cambridge

Zaid tells us why he loves studying in Cambridge with Bell.