Effective English beginners class announced at Bell London

1 April 20221 mins read

Starting 4th September this year, a new Effective English class for beginners will open at Bell London. This class will be perfect for students just starting to learn English, or those in need of a refresh of the basics, to learn and develop their skills alongside a small group of students at the same level.

With a focus on speaking, basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and common phrases, students will develop essential language skills to prepare for their learning, life and work in the future.

Students will gain multi-contextual language experience, learning how to:

  • Introduce themselves and others
  • Talk about themselves, their family, country, job, and hobbies
  • Ask and answer simple questions
  • Have simple conversations in English
  • Deal with everyday situations like meeting people or booking a hotel
  • Understand common words and sentences in written materials
  • Write simple emails or messages
  • Fill in simple forms with basic information
  • Know more about British culture

Students will have the option of regular 1-to-1 tutorials with their teacher to review their progress, highlight their achievements and discuss anything they are finding difficult.

Located close to the River Thames in the vibrant area of Bankside, the school is at the centre of its own London-made campus. We look forward to welcoming all students to Bell London!