Meet Maurice the Globetrotting Giraffe!

11 April 20243 mins read

We’re proud to introduce a unique and colourful addition to our community: Maurice the Globetrotting Giraffe! Maurice is a mini giraffe sponsored by Bell, and part of Break Charity’s Cambridge Standing Tall trail, a sculpture trail across Cambridge featuring 93 beautifully decorated giraffes. Break Charity supports young people across East Anglia who are navigating their way through the care system. In their words, “We hope as you gaze up at the giraffes you see them as we do – a representation of Break, standing tall for young people with care experience and telling them that the sky is never the limit.”

Maurice’s name and colourful look

To create our giraffe, we turned to our Autumn Explorer students at Bell St Albans. They wanted to showcase the wonderful international atmosphere at the school, with students from all across the globe, so they created Maurice the Globetrotting Giraffe. Maurice travels the world to make friends, and everywhere he goes, he learns something new about his friend’s culture and home country. Painted by our talented students, Maurice has been decorated with symbols and flags from some of the different nationalities hosted at Bell.

Supporting Break Charity

Break Charity plays a vital role in East Anglia, dedicated to transforming the lives of young people on the edge of care, in care, or transitioning out of care. Their work is diverse, offering everything from therapeutic services to practical support for families. By sponsoring Maurice, Bell aims to spotlight the critical mission of Break Charity and encourage the community to contribute to making a difference in these young lives.

Where to find Maurice

Maurice currently resides at Lion Yard shopping centre, and you can find him using our handy map below. He’s just a short walk inside, past the entrance. Once the trail is finished, Maurice will set up permanent residence in the Bell Cambridge gardens.

We encourage you to visit not only Maurice, but also the rest of his colourful giraffe friends scattered across the city. The trail is a great way to see Cambridge, enjoy amazing art, and support a fantastic charity. If you snap a selfie with Maurice, don’t forget to send it to our Instagram. We’ll share it on our story, and together we can help spread the word about Break Charity’s incredible work and make a real difference!

You can also download Breaks official Cambridge Standing Tall app, with the chance of unlocking fantastic rewards as you collect some of the sculptures! Look out for the four-digit codes on the plaques and collect all the giraffes!

For more information on the Cambridge Standing Tall trail and how you can support Break Charity, please visit their website.