Discovering the Best Museums in Cambridge and London

25 May 20233 mins read

Discovering the Best Museums in Cambridge and London

As a student at Bell Cambridge or London, you’re perfectly located to visit lots of interesting, and famous museums. While a list of every museum in each city would go on forever, we’ve picked out some of the most well known, and well loved museums we’d highly recommend you visit while studying with us.


1. Fitzwilliam Museum

Do you have a passion for art and history? Then you can’t miss the Fitzwilliam Museum. With a collection of over half a million art pieces and historical artefacts from around the world, the Fitzwilliam offers an impressive journey through time.

From ancient Egyptian coffins and Impressionist paintings to Renaissance sculptures and rare coins, there’s lots to see during your visit. What’s more, this museum regularly hosts special exhibitions and events, ensuring a unique experience each visit. Also, entry is free! Don’t forget to stop by the museum shop for one-of-a-kind souvenirs and refreshments at the on-site café.

2. Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

Are you fascinated by fossils and rocks? The Sedgwick Museum at Cambridge University is the place for you. It’s the oldest museum at the university, showcasing interesting items like dinosaur bones!

At the Sedgwick, you can take a journey that covers 4.5 billion years. Including fossils, rocks, minerals, local geology, and so much more!

3. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Founded in 1884, the MAA showcases a diverse collection from around the world, which reveal a wealth of human creativity from archaeological finds to modern art, and a reflection of the diverse and vibrant nature of human life.


1. The British Museum

Established in 1753, The British Museum was the first public museum of its kind. Here, you can see artefacts from all over the world like the famous Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, and Greek statues.

The museum isn’t just about the past. Alongside its vast permanent collection, it hosts regular exhibitions focusing on interesting stories and themes relevant today and in the future. And if you’re studying English, taking advantage of the free tours provides a perfect opportunity to practice your listening skills in a real-world setting.

2. The Natural History Museum

Calling all nature and animal enthusiasts, this ones for you! Here, you can discover everything from tiny insects to massive dinosaurs, with a collection spanning 4.5 billion years. You’ll find all sorts of engaging displays like the huge blue whale skeleton named Hope, an amazing collection of fossils, and an extensive dinosaur gallery.

Best of all, entry to the Natural History Museum is free! It’s a fun and educational experience you can’t miss.

3. The Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A is renowned worldwide for its exhibits showcasing various forms of artistry. Here, you’ll find an impressive 2.3 million objects that range from architecture, painting, and sculpture, to fashion, textiles, and ceramics from all around the world.

Besides its vast permanent collection, the V&A also hosts popular temporary exhibitions on diverse topics from fashion to cultural trends. With so much to explore, you could easily spend a day immersed in this rich world of art and design.

4. The Science Museum

The Science Museum is the most popular science and technology museum in Europe, with over 15,000 exhibits, covering everything from physics and biology to astronomy and technology. Among the many interesting things on display, you’ll find the Apollo 10 command module which orbited the moon, the Soyuz TMA-19M descent module, which returned astronaut Tim Peake to Earth from the International Space Station, and a real piece of the moon!

Additionally, experience the thrill of flying with the Red Arrows in a 3D simulator or enjoy a science documentary on a massive IMAX screen, taller than four double-decker buses!


If you are an English learner and you like learning about history, art, science, or really anything, Cambridge and London have many great museums for you – and these were just a handful of the ones available for you to explore! Remember, reading the exhibits and taking part in tours is not just interesting but also a great chance to practice your English. Enjoy your visit!