Recreating supportive spaces for teachers online

12 November 20202 mins read

COVID-19 has impacted the education of millions of learners all over the world. Fact.

But what about the teachers? How have they been affected? And, more importantly, how can they be supported?

In a recent webinar for Cambridge University Press, Silvana Richardson, Head of Education and Teacher Development at Bell, has been exploring ways of supporting teachers’ transition back to classroom teaching; and beyond.

Whether teachers are back in their face-to-face lessons, or still teaching online, there is no denying that the reality of the classroom (and the staffroom) is not the same. Social distancing and remote lessons, among many other things, have resulted in teachers feeling isolated.

So, how can this be minimised? First and foremost, spaces where teachers can learn together need to be recreated. Participating in webinars and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions with colleagues are just some examples of the ways that teachers can feel more supported.

Why wait? Watch the full webinar and get some useful CPD tasks for you and your colleagues.

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