Student Stories: Constantin

18 April 20242 mins read

Welcome to another instalment in our Student Stories series. Today, we are excited to share a special video, “A Day in the Life of a Bell UFP Student”, which follows Constantin, a student from Belgium, as he navigates a typical day on our University Foundation Programme (UFP) at Bell Cambridge.

Constantin’s day begins with a simple, relatable morning routine with his housemates and progresses into a mix of academic and social activities that sum up the UFP experience at Bell. For a firsthand look at daily life on the programme, as well as the benefits and opportunities it provides, watch the video below.

Our University Foundation Programme is designed to create a solid foundation of subject knowledge, language confidence, and academic skills. It also includes impartial university advice and guidance from our experienced academic team. For students like Constantin, this preparation maximises the potential for success at university. With courses available in Business, Humanities, or Science & Engineering, students can select a programme that best fits their long-term career ambitions.

Constantin’s story highlights the personalised learning and support students receive at Bell. As he shares, “The teachers are very supportive, and I have a one-to-one every week on Friday. My teacher is really behind me.” We work together with our students, every step of the way – like helping them to write a personal statement and prepare for university interviews – and also supporting them to prepare for university life, ensuring a smooth transition to higher education.

Students at Bell are guaranteed a place at a UK university when they successfully complete their University Foundation course. This promise, along with our history of students progressing to top universities, ensures that Bell is not just a place to study but a gateway to future opportunities – Take it from Constantin, who has recently received an offer from Leeds Arts University. For those looking to study in English-taught institutions around the world, we provide global application support and have a strong history of securing international admissions.

As seen in the video, Bell Cambridge, the home of our UFP, is a serene, beautiful school close to the heart of Cambridge. As Constantin puts it, “Cambridge is a student city, but also a historical city,” highlighting the unique blend of academic and cultural experiences available. We have a vibrant student community on campus, making it the ideal preparation for our student’s university journey. Constantin himself has made plenty of friends, including close friends from Mexico and Argentina.

For more details about our University Foundation Programme please click here.