Student Stories: Gladys

22 November 20233 mins read

In the third part of our Student Stories series, we’re excited to share the story of Gladys, a student at Bell London from Belgium. After completing a Masters degree in Economics and Management, Gladys felt a barrier in achieving her professional goals due to her English proficiency. To overcome this challenge, she chose to embark on a journey to improve her English. Her choice of destination? Bell London of course!

Gladys’ journey to Bell began with a recommendation from a friend, “I chose Bell because the school was recommended to me by a friend, and I followed her advice and that’s why I’m here,” she explains. This leap of faith was the first step in her transformative journey.

Initially, Gladys faced a common challenge among language learners – the fear of making mistakes. However, the supporting atmosphere at Bell quickly eased her worries. “The first thing I learned was to be more comfortable with my English, as I was afraid to speak and make mistakes, but I learned that making mistakes is the only and the best way to learn and improve myself or my skills,” she shares.

Bell provided much more than just lessons in English; it offered a caring community. Gladys fondly recalls the atmosphere at the school, describing it as friendly and helpful. “People there are very friendly and helpful which really helped me to be comfortable and more confident day after day,” she says. The teachers at Bell also played an important role in her development, constantly checking in and being readily available for questions outside of lessons.

“London has a lot of things to bring to you. People have a bigger, open mind.”

Living in Vita, Gladys enjoyed a vibrant student life. Sharing a flat with other Bell students, she found opportunities to practice her English in a casual setting, explore London, and build friendships. “We share moments together that improve all our skills, like getting to know London, finding our own way, and discovering new places,” she notes.

For Gladys, London itself was a big part of her learning experience. She highlights the city’s openness and diversity, contrasting it with her hometown. “London has a lot of things to bring to you. People have a bigger, open mind,” she observes. The city gave her many chances to practise her English in everyday situations.

Gladys’ time at Bell had lots of memorable moments, such as witnessing the coronation parade and exploring Brighton with her fellow students. These activities, organised by Bell, were not only fun but also helpful in improving her English and understanding British culture.

Gladys sees English as crucial in achieving her professional goals, especially internationally. “English, which is the international language, is very helpful if you want to travel. It’s so important to have good English to develop professional kinds of contacts,” she explains.

Reflecting on her journey, Gladys encourages others to embrace the opportunity to learn English. “You can do it, don’t be shy. Take all the opportunities you have to speak in English, to meet new people and just do it, don’t be afraid. Enjoy your experience in the UK and learn English,” she advises.

Gladys’ story at Bell shows the benefits of challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. Her experience highlights the value of a supportive learning environment, immersing yourself in a new culture, and the personal and professional growth that comes from improving your English skills. We wish Gladys the very best for her future, confident that the skills and experiences she gained at Bell will serve her well in all her pursuits.

To learn more about Glady’s journey, check out her full interview on our YouTube channel here.