Student Stories: Mateen

1 August 20233 mins read

Welcome to the first entry in our new Student Stories series, a space where we share conversations with students from our diverse community. Today, we’re delighted to introduce Mateen, an ambitious student from Pakistan, whose passion for business and marketing led him to study with us at Bell Cambridge.

Mateen selected the Business University Foundation Programme (UFP) at Bell Cambridge to prepare himself for university in the UK. He chose this course because, as he said, “I want to study at university here in Cambridge, but I didn’t have a good command of English. So, for that reason I chose this course at Bell Cambridge.”

Mateen shared how the language serves as a key tool in his ambitious plans, with aspirations to become an entrepreneur, “English is an international language and for a business you have to visit different countries and communicate with people from different countries and cultures.”

Throughout his time at Bell, Mateen honed his English skills, going from a shy speaker to someone confident in fluency and vocabulary. “The staff here help you with your IELTS, your vocabulary, your speaking style, and your accent. So, I think it helped me a lot, and that is why I am able to speak English fluently now.”

The support of his teachers played a significant role in his progress. They assisted him with various tasks, like essay writing, a skill he admits he struggled with initially. Thanks to the guidance he received, he managed to submit three essays in just one and a half months. As he recalls, “it’s all because of my teachers and the staff here.”

A key part of our University Foundation Programme is supporting students as they undertake the university application progress, and as Mateen recalls, “there is a teacher in that department, and she helped me a lot, like making my personal statement for university, and helping me a lot in choosing different universities.”

The UFP course has been an eye-opening journey for Mateen, not just academically but also personally. Apart from studying, he relished the chance to meet students from diverse cultures and countries, and cherishes the memories made with his classmates, particularly the group cooking sessions during weekends, where they exchanged culinary skills, tastes, and delicacies from their respective homelands.

“My time spent here at Bell Cambridge has been the best time of my life.”

The Cambridge experience was not confined to the classroom for Mateen. He embraced the local culture, often exploring the city centre and interacting with locals. The diversity he encountered while roaming the streets of Cambridge significantly added to his language fluency and understanding of various cultures.

On a parting note, Mateen shared his wisdom for those hoping to learn English. “Everything is difficult for the first time. The thing that can help you is practice and a good mentor.” He advised fellow learners to surround themselves with English speakers, listen to interesting podcasts, and read books of interest.

Mateen recommends Bell Cambridge wholeheartedly to other students, citing the supportive environment, variety of study options, closeness to the prestigious Cambridge University, and the diversity of the student population. “Everyone here is very friendly, and you have many opportunities to do a lot of things.”

As he looks ahead, Mateen will pursuing a degree in Marketing from a UK university, and dreams of starting his own business. Given his dedication and the skills he’s honed at Bell Cambridge, his dreams seem well within reach.

Mateen’s story is a testament to determination, and perseverance. His journey from a shy English speaker to a confident, multiculturally aware individual ready to step into university life has been remarkable, and we couldn’t be prouder.

We wish Mateen the best of luck in his future endeavours and look forward to hearing more success stories from our dedicated students at Bell. Stay tuned for more inspiring journeys.

For more insights into Mateen’s journey, check out his full interview on our YouTube channel here.