Student Stories: Mohammad

3 June 20242 mins read

Welcome back to Student Stories, where we sit down with Bell English students to learn about their unique experiences and what brought them to Bell. Today, we’re excited to share the journey of Mohammad Saleh Alshathri, a university graduate from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who joined us at Bell Cambridge to improve his English.

Mohammad’s decision to study at Bell Cambridge was driven by a clear professional goal: to enhance his English skills for the world of work. “I needed to improve my English language because the jobs in my country really need these skills, so I aimed to get my IELTS with the IELTS exam preparation courseat Bell Cambridge,” he explains. He notes the significant improvement in his English, much to his own surprise, “I’m shocked because my English is getting so much better… My friends have told me my English has improved by more than 50%.”

Reflecting on his time at Bell, Mohammad shares, “It was a good time. I’ve made a lot of international friends here. The teachers are helpful, and the school is big with a lot of activities.” The supportive environment at Bell Cambridge has been a big part of Mohammad’s success, and he mentions the helpfulness of both teachers and fellow students. “The students here, they are sociable, the teachers help me when I ask them, and they really try to help even without me asking,” he says. This sense of community and support has made his time at Bell particularly enjoyable.

Adapting to life in Cambridge was a new adventure for Mohammad, especially when it came to transportation. “In my country I have my own car. That’s the big difference between here and Cambridge! It’s like a new life here, really. A new adventure, a new experience. It’s my first-time using transport other than a car. Now, I use a scooter or take the bus, more than anything,” he shares. This adjustment has added to the richness of his experience, allowing him to explore Cambridge in a new way.

One of the highlights of Mohammad’s time at Bell has been all the different activities, workshops, local excursions and full-day trips available for free to students at Bell Cambridge. He fondly recalls Bells International Evening, an yearly event in which students share their cultures with classmates, describing it as “a really good time,” with lots of dancing, singing and laughter. He also enjoyed trips to London, Brighton, and Oxford. “At Bell Cambridge, we have trips every two weeks, so every two weeks I went on these, and it was very fun,” he says.

Mohammad chose to live at Student Castle, a contemporary student residence just a short bus ride from Bell Cambridge, which he found both comfortable and convenient. “It’s a beautiful place, beautiful accommodation. And it’s not that far from Bell Cambridge,” he notes, highlighting the ease of getting to school and the quality of living arrangements.

Mohammad’s positive experience at Bell has led him to recommend the school to his younger siblings. “I’ve already recommended Bell to my family, my siblings are 14 and 15, I told them after two years you need to go to Bell school, really. It’s a high quality of education, a good environment for your family!” he says. His advice to other students is simple but true: “Don’t be shy about your English language, just try to speak. Try to mix with international students, and not use your native language.”

Mohammad’s time at Bell Cambridge shows the impact of learning English in a supportive and engaging environment. It’s also a reminder that stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new challenges can lead to rewarding and life changing experiences. We wish Mohammad the very best in his future endeavours, confident that the skills and experiences he gained at Bell will serve him well.

To hear more about Mohammad’s journey, check out the full interview on our YouTube channel.