Student Stories: Jacinta

20 June 20243 mins read

Welcome back for another edition of Student Stories! Today, we meet Jacinta, a nineteen-year-old student from Argentina, enjoying her second stay at Bell London. Jacinta’s story is all about adventure, growth, and mastering the English language!

Jacinta first came to Bell London last year for a month. The decision to study here was inspired by her uncle. “Bell was recommended to me by my uncle who is also here right now, and he told me it was a really good place to improve your English,” she explains. Since Jacinta grew up in a small town, she wanted to learn how to handle life in a busy city, making the bustling city of London the perfect destination.

Impressed by her initial experience, Jacinta returned this year for a two-month stay. She speaks fondly of her time here, saying, “I think it’s an amazing time. It’s really worth it, the experience, not only for the friendships, but also for the English.” Jacinta appreciates the immersive environment where she speaks English all the time, with no fellow Spanish speakers around. This constant practice has been crucial for her improvement. “I’m practising my English 100%, all the time because I have to communicate with people all around the world in English,” she says. This constant need to speak English has significantly improved her language skills.

The supportive environment at Bell London has played a significant role in Jacinta’s progress. “The teachers are very helpful with you in every aspect,” she notes. Jacinta especially appreciates the serious approach of her teacher, Jasmine, which she believes is the best way to achieve her goals. “They are always happy to help you, give you extra practice, mark your mistakes, and help you understand where and how you can improve,” she says.

This year, Jacinta focused on IELTS training. She felt ready for the exam, thanks to her teachers and the tools she gained during the course. “I took it last Saturday and I felt well-prepared by my teacher,” she shares. Learning English since kindergarten, Jacinta found the new academic vocabulary, skills and techniques she learned at Bell London particularly helpful in the exam. “I incorporated a lot of different tools which were very useful to me at the moment of the test,” she adds, grateful for the preparation she received.

During her time at Bell, Jacinta has made many friends from different parts of the world, saying, “You meet lots of people, some just for a few days, but also friendships that will last forever.”

The borough of Lewisham has become a home away from home for Jacinta, choosing to stay at the Vita Lewisham Exchange accommodation while she studies at Bell London. “I like that it’s a residential area where families and kids live,” she says. The facilities, including the gym, study areas, and the friendly staff, have made her stay comfortable and productive.

She mentions, “You have the DLR train and a lot of buses that take you home if go out.” This accessibility has made it easier for Jacinta to explore London and make the most of her time here. “There are also many supermarkets nearby, and a beautiful park just a 10 minutes’ walk away,” she adds, highlighting the convenience of her accommodation.

Jacinta loves exploring London. From walking along the River Thames to visiting St Paul’s Cathedral and Hampton Court on free trips with the school, she’s made the most of her time in the city. “I also like the culture, and the fact that you are interacting with people from around the world every day,” she says. This exposure to different cultures and the “clean, beautiful streets” of London have made her experience extra special.

Jacinta appreciates the historical and cultural aspects of London. “Compared to my hometown it’s like a huge difference because my hometown is like, it’s almost in a farm, we are in the natural environment,” she explains. The contrast between her small town and the big city has provided her with new perspectives and experiences.

For those considering Bell London, Jacinta offers some advice: “Read, watch movies in English, try to listen to music, and if you can, practise conversation.” She emphasises the importance of putting yourself in the language environment and doing extra work to see stronger improvements. “Being in a country where English is spoken every day, it’s the main thing that will help you develop your English,” she advises.

Jacinta has big plans for the future. She wants to use her improved English skills to study at university and hopes to do an internship abroad during the last years of her degree. Achieving a high level in her IELTS is important for these goals. She believes that speaking English will open many doors, both for her studies and for building relationships with people from all over the world.

Jacinta’s story shows the power of studying abroad. Her time at Bell London has not only improved her English but has also given her some great memories, lasting friendships, and prepared her for future studies in a bustling city. If you are considering studying English in a vibrant and multicultural city, Jacinta’s experience shows that Bell London is a fantastic choice!

To see our full interview with Jacinta, watch on YouTube by clicking here.