Teaching (in) English in a multilingual world [Free webinar]

10 February 20213 mins read

Recent developments in Multilingualism and Translanguaging have inspired new approaches which recognise that our learners live and learn in multilingual environments, and that the languages that they know and use are the most valuable resource for learning additional new languages.

English, while still a dominant global language and the current lingua franca of international communication, business and academia, is increasingly being seen as one of the languages ‘in the mix’ used by plurilingual global citizens who want and need to use their full linguistic repertoires.

(How) does this matter to you and your students? Where does this Multilingual Turn leave the traditional four-skills coursebook and assessments? How fit for purpose is the English-only methodology still used in many English language teaching schools and classrooms? What new skills do teachers need to learn and apply to their practice to support the language learning of students from diverse cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds, many of whom are competent users of more than one language?.

Let’s explore these questions together in this webinar. Please do share your reflections, experiences and learnings with us on LinkedIn or Facebook – we would love to hear from you.

FREE webinar

Teaching (in) English in a multilingual world

Discover how multilingualism and translanguaging is a valuable resource for language learning.

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