Teaching (not testing) listening skills in the classroom [Free webinar]

8 January 20213 mins read

Decoding skills is the ability to turn acoustic input into standard forms of language, such as phonemes or words.

As a teacher at the start of my career, I suspected for a long time that the way I taught listening skills was not as effective as it could have been. Over the years, as I become more experienced and observed other colleagues and became a CELTA teacher myself, I realised that the only approach to teaching listening skills is the so-called receptive skills lesson structure.

So I wondered, is there more we can be doing? Well… in short, yes. From all my research and investigation, it’s evident that our traditional approach was often not very effective.

In this webinar, we will delve into the reasons why the ‘traditional’ receptive skills lesson structure – as taught on many initial teacher training courses – may not actually be helping our students develop their listening skills.

From there, let’s explore a full range of practical ideas on how to diagnose our learners’ listening difficulties, how to adapt the traditional lesson structure to help them develop their listening skills, and how to select, design and use activities that practise their decoding skills.

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Teaching (not testing) listening skills: A focus on decoding

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