Summer Explorer

Join us this summer to study our popular English Explorer programme, providing a complete language experience that is immersive, flexible and lots of fun.

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A summer full of opportunities and adventure

Summer Explorer focuses on developing core English language skills by doing project-based learning activities and interactive learning – an effective way to learn language quickly and successfully.

We help students become more confident, independent learners while they develop 21st century life skills that will benefit their future learning, life and work.

Please note: Block 2 at Bell The Leys (17-30 July 2024) is now SOLD OUT!

11 -17

For courses for 7-10 years, see our Junior Explorer
Minimum language level
All levels
Staff to student ratio
Maximum class size
Course length
Up to 11 weeks
Locations, fees and course dates

Bell St Albans: £1,395 per week
Any Sunday from 2 June - 11 August 2024 (weekly enrolment)

Bell The Leys: £3,250 per 2 weeks
Start dates: Wednesday 3 July; 17 July; 31 July 2024

Bell Tudor Hall: £3,195 per 2 weeks
Start dates: Wednesday 10 July; 24 July; 7 August 2024

Bell Badminton School: £2,820 per 2 weeks
Start dates: 7 July; 21 July 2024

For our multi-centre Explore More course in Bristol and St Albans, see Explore More

Course overview

On this course, students will:

  • Gain confidence and become more independent learners and users of the English language
  • Develop their English language skills (reading writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of grammar
  • Essential 21st century life skills (communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and cultural awareness)
  • Produce a portfolio of work to show their progress and achievements
  • Meet new friends from across the world


Project-based learning

Project themes have been created in a way that allows students and teachers to choose the direction that best fits their group’s needs and interests.

This means that every group of students will learn something different, and each student receives a personalised learning experience. For each theme, there will be a main question that guides the project, and the students will work together to make a project outcome.

This approach helps students learning faster and more successfully. It also guarantees that students will learn something new every time.


Learn by doing

The activity programme is an essential part of the course. It helps students to practise their skills and develop natural, fluent language use. Our afternoon electives are designed to improve communication and confidence while developing academic, creative and active skills.

All Summer Explorer students will also enjoy a wide variety of whole-school activities, such as games, competitions, discos and shows.


Gain new life experiences

There is no better way to learn about British life and culture than to experience it for yourself. Study tours play an important role in our way of learning. Students will prepare for their tours in class, complete educational activities during their tour, and discuss them in lessons afterwards.

They will have three-full day study tours to UK destinations, every two weeks.


Feel at home at Bell

We want to make sure your child has everything they need to do their best at Bell. We offer residential accommodation at all of our Summer Explorer locations. Boys and girls will stay in separate accommodation blocks on the site, each with a dedicated houseparent who will be available 24/7 to ensure supervision and care during their time at Bell.

  • Enjoy study tours to exciting attractions like:

    London Eye

    The London Eye is an iconic part of London’s skyline and has been offering guests a new panoramic view of London.

    It has won over 85 awards for national and international tourism, outstanding architectural quality and engineering achievement. In fact, it has become the UK’s most popular visitor attraction.



    Windsor Castle

    Explore the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world – bursting with over 900 years of royal history!

    Make sure you keep an eye out for Her Majesty the Queen as this is one of her official homes.


    Warwick Castle

    Discover the history, stories and secrets from this 1,000-year-old impressive castle. If you’re feeling brave, you can even travel through the castle’s dark dungeon.

    After your journey through the castle’s history, explore the beautiful university town of Warwick.


    Madame Tussauds London

    This famous wax-museum offers students the chance to get up close to some of their favourite famous faces, with over 300 wax figures of famous people and important historical figures.

    Rock it out with Ed Sheeran, pose with Harry and Meghan, or sing a duet with Dua Lipa! Not only do you learn about some of the most famous people in British culture, you’ll have lots of images to share on Instagram!


Bell Academies give students joining our Summer Explorer programmes, the chance to specialise in one particular area of interest. Delivered by professionals with many years of industry experience, students practise their English while focused on learning or developing their chosen skill. Academy options are booked in advance and are subject to an extra charge. See below for the options available in 2024.

9 hours of 1 focused Academy on a one-week course. 18 hours on a two-week course.

  • Art and design

    Want to create your own masterpiece? Bell’s art academy will allow students to develop their own talents and expand knowledge into different styles of art as well as supporting students’ language learning in the art world. Our art academy will be taught by a qualified art specialist who has experience in creatively expanding students’ knowledge in the subject.

    Available at Bell Badminton School only.

    Download Art & Design Academy Factsheet

  • Robotics

    Learn coding and design skills and compete against other campers in the Robotics Academy! Construct and program autonomous and remote-control robots to tackle all sorts of challenges, including arena battles, robot
    football, capture the flag, or obstacle courses. Try your hand at designing some simple mechanisms for obstacles courses, minesweeping challenges and playing sumo wrestling, and learn how to program both the robots themselves and their wireless controllers.

    Available at Bell The Leys only.

    Download Robotics Academy Factsheet

  • Cooking

    Students will take part in the Bell master chef challenge where they will be required to select from a range of ingredients to cook for a panel of judges. The judges will award the winner with a special prize.

    Available at Bell Tudor Hall only.

    Download Cooking Academy Factsheet

  • Tennis

    The UK is home to the famous annual Wimbledon Championship. Enhance your technique through professional tennis tuition. All coaches are qualified by the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) and have experience teaching students of all abilities. Students will play on a range of surfaces, working on their forehand, backhand, volley shots and serves, and will get to apply their new skills in regular games.

    Available at Bell The Leys and Bell Tudor Hall only.

    Download Tennis Academy Factsheet

  • Football

    Football is the most popular sport worldwide! Students will focus on technical aspects of the game including: dribbling, passing technique, goal shooting, goal keeping and approach to headers and tackling.

    Available at Bell Badminton School only.

    Download Football Academy Factsheet

  • Basketball

    Step onto the court and take your basketball game to the next level. Bell’s basketball academy focuses not only on improving your skills like passing and shooting, but also helps you to communicate effectively in English, and understand basketball culture worldwide.

    Available at Bell Badminton School only.

    Download Basketball Academy Factsheet

  • Horse-riding

    Our horse riding students are trained at a long-established equestrian school with expansive grounds – approved by the British Horse Society and Association of British Riding Schools. You will have the exciting opportunity to display what you have learned at a final ‘tack and turnout’ show and will be presented with a certificate and rosette to celebrate your achievements.

    Available at Bell The Leys only.

    Download Horse-riding Academy Factsheet here

  • Intensive Academic English

    This brand new Academy will enhance students’ academic English skills and maximise their potential for success in their future studies. This challenging Academy will help students develop a range of useful tools and techniques to tackle international exams and improve their general study needs.

    Available at Bell Tudor Hall only.

    Download Intensive Academic English Factsheet

Explore More

For students wanting to experience more of the UK during their stay, our Explore More course is the perfect option! Combining two weeks at our Bell Badminton School, with one week at Bell St Albans, this three-week course promises an extraordinary experience, blending language learning with exploration and adventure.

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Our course includes

Lessons, study materials and course portfolio
Residential accommodation and all meals
A full programme of educational and social activities
A full programme of study tours
Comprehensive supervision by qualified staff
Free WiFi
Free laundry service
Comprehensive insurance
Lessons, study materials and course portfolio
Residential accommodation and all meals
A full programme of educational and social activities
A full programme of study tours
Comprehensive supervision by qualified staff
Free WiFi
Free laundry service
Comprehensive insurance

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