Managing technological change [Free webinar]

27 January 20213 mins read

Since late 2019, when I started co-writing a book on Managing Technological Change in Language Teaching, we have experienced (and continue to experience) a very serious and forced technological change because of the global pandemic.

However, language schools are always considering the introduction – or updating – of technology in a continual effort to support learning and teaching in the classroom.

So change of this nature can be planned and thought-through or a consequence of responding to an emergency or crisis.

In this webinar, I am going to talk about the difference between change and crisis, and explore the model for technological change which acts as the backbone of my book. Additionally, of course, delving into the current situation and what we can take from it into the future for technological change (or any other change).

The intention is to bring together both theory and practice in the specific context of language schools and language teaching programmes – with a key focus on the introduction and integration of technology.

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Managing technological change

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